Poland IT Meeting 2016

Promotional price 299€

Save 200€ by joining Poland IT Meeting 2016 now!


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This exclusive offer is only valid on 24-26 September 2015 for registered users.



Terms and conditions

  1. The promotional price 299€ is valid on 24-26 September 2015 only for registered companies.
  2. The price 299€ is for one person for second edition of Poland IT Meeting.
  3. “Poland IT Meeting 2016” will be held in Wrocław
  4. “Poland IT Meeting 2016” will be held on September/October 2016.
  5. The event organizer is obliged to inform everyone who takes part in Promotion about exact date of the meeting till 30th November 2015
  6. The condition of taking advantage of the promotion is:
    1. Registration on www.polanditmeeting.com
    2. Taking part in the first edition of Poland IT Meeting
    3. Filling the form with the number of passes to purchase
    4. Taking part in the promotion between 24 and 26  September 2015
  7. The company will receive an invoice for proper number of passes on the e-mail address in 5 days

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