Testimonial 2017

I think that the meeting will bring sales results. The idea of the event is very effective as in one place you can meet many people interested in business cooperation. Business is done with people and it’s obvious that first you have to meet them – Poland IT Meeting is an ideal place to do it.

Przemysław Kucharzewski, Xopero Software Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

Presently, in fact, each bigger project starts from a face to face meeting – at Poland IT Meeting the task is much easier as during two days you can have a lot of talks. The atmosphere is created by the people participating in the meeting and here, as every year, they are fantastic. The mobile application is a great advantage as it helps to save the time. Thanks to it we make appointments only with these participants who we see the perspective of cooperating with – I know who I am going to meet with and at what time, and also what we expect from each other.

Bartosz Pieślak, itCraft s.c. (Poland)

Networking is basic for doing business – „relation” is a key word. The organization of Poland IT meeting being on the highest level is the strongest side of this event. Comparing to similar meetings I participated in in other countries the atmosphere here is much more relaxed and favouring networking development – 30 minutes time is ideal for a conversation and information exchange. Additionally, a very useful application containing a list of participants with descriptions of their operations allows to approach each meeting appropriately. Thanks to it the contacts among the participants are managed very well.

Daniel Żukowski, Konsorcjum FEN (Poland)

The list of participants containing the companies which are significant on the market made me interested in this event. There are both the companies of the recognized position as PGE S.A. and the subjects which seem to have a lot of potential perspectives as well. The meetings allow to verify the potential of the entities in direct relations. The formula is different from typical fairs, here apart from the clear transaction talks it is possible to exchange views in a much broader spectrum which is an added value of such a contact.

Leszek Wojdalski, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. (Poland)

In my opinion networking is of a key significance as the most important is not what and why we want to sell but who to. At Poland IT Meeting it is possible to meet right people that’s why it is the right place to develop business.

Patryk Szymczak, Etteplan Poland Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

Poland IT Meeting formula is very convincing. Everything concentrates around meetings and getting to know the people from the branch. It is possible to choose who you want to meet and what subject you want to discuss which allows to be prepared well. Everything is well organized, there is business but relaxed atmosphere without unnecessary tension.

Wojciech Kosecki, Wortmann AG (Poland)

There is very friendly atmosphere at Poland IT Meeting, the interest of companies which look for contacts and opportunities on the market is noticeable. There are great people who want to do business and look for alternative solutions.

Piotr Głydziak, Action S.A. (Poland)

It is an opportunity to meet many interesting people working for IT from various countries. We see it as an opportunity to communicate with potential business partners. Relaxed atmosphere is contagious which favours starting new contacts.

Mateusz Mytych, ZETO Rzeszów (Poland)

I like that on Poland IT Meeting is a really nice atmosphere. On other events there is bigger distance between people, here it is a bit like in family.

Grazian Twonski, Etree GmbH (Germany)

The mobile application is useful to arrange day, you have everything with you, you can see at which table and when you have the meeting. Thanks to it, there is no need to call everybody and introduce yourself, everybody is on time.

Harco Pennings, Infotheek (Netherlands)

This is good opportunity to meet some Polish comapnies. People at Poland IT Meeting are very open to talk with each other.

David Llusar, Etic Online S.L. (MercadoIT) (Spain)

I came here again this year because it is nice spot to meet a lot of different companies from all over Eastern Europe. If I would travel to every country separately, it would take much more time. Here I can easily make thirty meetings in just two days, which normally is not possible. There is not too serious atmosphere, everybody is relaxed, with smile and laughing. I would even say that you can meet here some friends.

René Zymierski, impcopex office supplies GmbH (Germany)

The Poland IT Meeting mobile application is excellent because you can check your schedules, just before the meetings. You have the opportunity to see profile of every participant, you can be very selective who and why you want to meet. Looking at the profile of the person you will be meeting with and seeing the social networks helps you to prepare for it.

Stef Devriese, Scriptura Engage (Belgium)

Such a form of a conference is quite unusual among IT conferences, it is very interactive and personalized. I am absolutely sure of its efficiency. You can really gain interesting information about solutions and offers presented by various companies and adjust them to you own needs in a more flexible way than during other events.

Tomasz Wójcik, PGNiG Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A. (Poland)

The Poland IT Meeting mobile application is excellent because you can check your schedules, just before the meetings. You have the opportunity to see profile of every participant, you can be very selective who and why you want to meet. Looking at the profile of the person you will be meeting with and seeing the social networks helps you to prepare for it.

Stef Devriese, Scriptura Engage (Belgium)

Poland IT Meeting could be a bridge from Western to Eastern Europe’s market, which is growing and interesting.

Thomas Dunker, Infotheek (Netherlands)

The formula of the meetings is interesting. They escape from the set frames which is very inspiring for both sides. The organization of the event itself and the evening dinner was excellent. I have never been at such an event and I have been to many of them, I think that we will meet in a year again.

Paweł Skibiński, BNP Paribas (Poland)

I think that the branch can develop thanks to the events of this type. 30 minutes is enough to talk freely and explain everything to each other. It is very valuable that many meetings can be held on one day.

Arkadiusz Pielechowski, Storage IT (Poland)

During Poland IT Meeting a great activity of all companies an participants can be observed – nobody wastes any time. Views, ideas and projects are exchanged. Some of my meetings have already inspired me much, we will sustain the newly made relations for sure. I believe that such a formula is profitable for everybody.

Janusz Turczynowicz, EnterCOM (Poland)

Networking is everything and this is why I am at the Poland IT Meeting for the second time – it is an event that gathers people from the same sphere and with the same intentions. Moving the event from Wroclaw to Warsaw is really convenient too.

Algis Buivydas, Heksimus JSC (Lithuania)

At Poland IT Meeting, we can make new connections all over the world, meet a lot of nice people to do business together without stress. It is good to get some new interesting facts about the IT, remarketing and distribution system. Gala Dinner is also a great opportunity to have some fun with newly met people and do some more networking. Big advantage of this event is the mobile application – thanks to it, you do not need to carry paper and pen. Just have to check mobile and there are all information.

Tobias Waßner, quattroM Remarketing Services (Germany)

You are meeting your customers and suppliers in one place, you don’t need to travel to each of them separately, it is much more comfortable. You can develop your relations and put them on the next level.

Mindaugas Apanavicius, Sominis Technology UAB (Lithuania)

Poland IT Meeting is a great opportunity to meet many people from various environments including end customers, integrators, resellers and vendors as well. This platform enables to initiate many contacts in a very short time, to exchange experience form IT market, to discuss present trends and to get familiar with the customers’ needs and all these in one place. I also like the mobile application very much which allows me to check current and next meetings and quickly overview what the next person I am meeting with deals with and is interested in. This is the first time when Vertiv company participates in this event but for sure not the last one.

Marta Skonieczna, Vertiv Poland Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

Meetings like this are very good to make direct contact in private atmosphere. There is a lot of participants and every year it is increasing by new companies.

Andreas Lenzing, Bechtle Remarketing GmbH (Germany)

During Poland IT Meeting you can build personal relations and get to know a lot that’s why such an event is very valuable. I met interesting people who I had a lot of fascinating talks with and the atmosphere and organization are on the highest level. The event can be talked about in superlatives only.

Robert Grodzki, Point Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

Contrary to other events of a conference type at this event it is possible to meet IT service suppliers directly, devote them more time and get familiar with their offers. I like the formula of the event – I meet people I want to meet and I get information which I need.

Krzysztof Kierzkowski, Enea Centrum Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

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