Testimonies 2016

This formula works very well. The atmosphere is great and I think that all attendees are taking as much benefits from this event as me.

Benjamin Thenstrup, Kimbrer Computer


In the first edition there were fewer partners than now. We reported it to Rafał (who is managing director) and he invited more institutional clients, that are customers of our software. That formula works really good. Propitious companies which arrived are the strongest part of this event. Delightful atmosphere, good organization and people who are approaching to business with distance and latitude.

Bartosz Pieślak, itCraft s.c.


At the previous edition we made many contacts which were used for business. Now they are part of very important business project.

Earl Graham, Incom Group


This year’s edition stood at high level. There were a lot of institutional clients, integrators and clients from abroad – that was a huge advantage of this event. The best thing in Poland IT Meeting was that I had a chance to make my own calendar of meetings and share experience with other participants.

Jakub Skwarczyński, Incom Group


Poland IT Meeting gives a possibility for everyone to meet with the clients. It allows to sustain a business and do it better. Without events like this, it is really hard to run a business. Besides, Poland IT Meeting has economical formula – in one day there is possibility to hold a lot of meetings and learn something.

Sławomir Harazin, Action


This formula is important. The real business networking looks exactly like this one. During two days we can arrange as many meetings as normally we are doing during the half a year. Everything in one place. The organization of Poland IT Meeting has one very strong advantage: everyone knows with anticipation who is going to participate, what interest him and what is his function. Because of it we can select our conversationalist very precisely.

Tomasz Gołębiowski, CRN


I have never had anything to do with such a form of conference where there is no panelists and lectures. This is very attractive formula for businessmen who can meet each other, share their experience, make sales activity and concrete cooperation in their own field.

Michał Matuszczak, Babiaczyk & Skrocki


In this meeting I like the most that it is simplified so it gives an opportunity for clients to meet other partners in one on one formula. They can find out more about themselves in more friendly ambiance.

Maryam Nasseri, Techbit


This event is getting bigger from year to year. There are new companies, also from abroad. The huge advantage is that we have possibility of arranging all meetings in a short time and in addition, in one place. There is no need to waste weeks traveling around Poland – here one can meet with vendors and consumers.

Jarema Ostańkowicz, Madu S.C.


We are here primarily because we would like to meet new people. The city is incredible, hotel is amazing and atmosphere is very friendly. Whenever I come along here, everyone and everything is prepared. This is the biggest advantage.

Ludwig Meiler, Quattrom Remarketing Services


Great formula, because we can meet in one place a lot of potential partners. Otherwise, it could be hard to realize it. Half an hour for conversation is enough to form a relationships and deepen them later. This event has lovely atmosphere, not too casual and not too stodgy. Just right – business, but not puffy.

Tadeusz Kłak, Softex Data


I like the most in this event that institutional clients were invited. One can meet with bigger companies and try to make relationships with them.

Maciej Wiśniewski, Comway


The big advantage of this event is minimizing the time. Based on time we spent here, we can decide who we want to meet with. I view it as a big value added.

Dariusz Kapelko, Przewozy Regionalne


Poland IT Meeting is a great way to meet potential customers and companies in a short time which is impossible to do exclusively via mail or phone. Additionally everything is accessible – you don’t have to carry any printouts and I have an opportunity to contact my interlocutor – if something goes wrong you can call and explain or send an email.

Tomasz Riemer, DCC A/S


This is very interesting formula, especially because of fact that people are meeting each other less and less. It is very good opportunity to talk live and meet potential commercial partners.

Paweł Kania, Global Point


The face to face meetings with clients are always more precious than sent out e-mail or phone conversation. The organization is on a high level. One can meet strong market players. I recommend coming to this event!

Tomasz Kochanowski, Polbit

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