Testimonies 2018

I think that everything is as tight as a drum. You already have big experience, every year we manage to talk with bigger number of potential clients so everything is going ahead.

Bartosz Pieślak, itCraft s.c.

My impressions after participation in the event are only positive: the idea, branding and the tools were on the highest level. The frame and the care for the participants created very good atmosphere for building relations. You can forget that it is another working day.

Marcin Bogusz, Super Micro Computer Inc.

The application is very helpful in organizing meetings and remembering who we will have the meeting with, at which table and where. It allows to check if the selected person is still present and if the meeting hasn’t been cancelled or to get the contact if we cannot find him or her.

Cyprian Torlicki, Wortmann AG

I think if you wanna be present, if you wanna show yourself as a brand it is the right event. There are companies coming from all over the world, not necessary only from Poland. If you want to grow outside, seek for a partnership from the geographical perspective for sure that is a good event.

Bartosz Skalski, Soitron

People who come here aren’t coincidental. They are focused on IT solutions, come with defined expectations concerning portfolio and solutions they are interested in. I am surprised with the variety of expectations of people who I talked with about their needs and scope which their companies work within.

Łukasz Olczak, 3M Poland Sp. z o.o.

E-mail or phone contact is not enough nowadays, you must in fact approach somebody, talk to him. Get to know – then you can count on good business.

Maciej Slembarski, imcopex GmbH

Participants have a very good attitude to what we are doing here. I can tell that they are here for a specific purpose, not only to have a good weekend.

Paweł Niedzin, POLBIT

Everybody is helpful, and all the events are very logically and nicely divided. The meetings don’t overlap and everybody has a chance to talk to everybody.

Michał Kulesza, ATEN Poland

Poland IT Meeting is a perfect place to get new business contacts in the best possible way – through a direct meeting and conversation. Two-day networking in the full meaning of this word, great organization and atmosphere.

Przemysław Kucharzewski, Newind S.A.

The biggest advantage of this event is undoubtedly an effective and interesting formula allowing for specific conversations with representatives of companies that we could establish cooperation. The opportunity of having so many valuable meetings in two days is something uncommon.

Jarema Ostańkowicz, Madu SC

It’s a great opportunity to meet high-position managers that could be interested in services that we provide.

Bartosz Forysiak, e-sphere

It is something original, a little bit different formula of a conference. Frankly speaking I have never seen such a formula except this event. It ensures much better, direct contact with selected people.

Robert Reszkowski, EPSON

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