Without a contact there is no contract – press release

How efficient networking can look like

Networking at conferences is a little bit like social media in business: everybody wants to do it because it is trendy, nevertheless only few know how to do it really well. However, there is a conference presenting the subject of networking in a unique, exceptionally attractive and efficient way: Poland IT Meeting. The fourth edition of the event only in its kind will take place on 7-8 June in Warsaw.

– I always stress that without a contact there is no contact – says Rafał Wójcicki, the inventor and the Managing Director of Poland IT Meeting. – Despite the communication revolution which take place in front of us, people talk with one another more and more rarely. And the ability to talk with a business, maintaining and caring for mutual relations are the necessary elements in the operation and development of contemporary firms. The feature of Poland IT Meeting is that it is the place where bonds are created and after all you go home positively tired.

The two days conference doesn’t resemble other events of this type much. There are no presentations taking several hours a day or any fixed agenda of subjects. Instead of it there are “face to face” meetings of the participants and creating the conditions to talk about the subjects which are interesting for them. All is coordinated by a dedicated application by means of which the registered participants already before the event, make appointments – up to thirty two during two days . – It is a real saving of time and in business time is money – stresses Rafał Wójcicki, pointing out factual numbers: – If you wanted to organize twenty business meetings the estimated costs of the fuel itself would exceed 1000 euro not mentioning the fact that you would spend several dozen of hours in the travel.

The talks carried out during Poland IT Meeting have also this advantage that he managers of a similar level of decision making in the organizations are its participants. It not only facilitates the possible negotiations but also favours the exchange of knowledge and experience as the participants of the conference represent a wide spectrum of specialization in IT branch. A head of IT Department or BRM (Business Relationship Manager) during one meeting can talk about the safety of IT infrastructure in banking or railways and during the next one about optimization of budgets for equipment, software or widely defined services. – Assuming that IT budget of an average size bank is a few tens million zloty, let’s imagine the savings of 5%. This is money worth coming for to Poland IT Meeting – sums up Rafał Wójcicki.

This year, already, the fourth edition of Poland IT Meeting will take place on 7-8 June 2018 in Warsaw Lord Hotel at Al. Krakowska 218. Media patronage was taken by CRN, Harvard Business Review Polska, ICAN Institute, Automatykaonline.pl, Retailnet.pl, Shopping Center Poland Magazine and Telix.pl.

Posted on 24 April 2018 in News

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